Tim Vanhamel en Maxnormal.TV filmpjes

23 oktober 2008 geplaatst in In de kijker

Bekijk hieronder de filmpjes van de unieke samenwerking tussen de twee (geflipte) verwante zielen. Onze crossmedia ‘artist in residence’ Kanter maakte er mooie montages van. Het eerste filmpje introduceert beide artiesten op het tweede filmpje kan je één van de nummers zien en horen die ze tijdens hum samenwerking produceerden!

Tim en Maxnormal.TV introductie from Muziekcentrum TRIX on Vimeo.

Lonely Days from Muziekcentrum TRIX on Vimeo.


Vermin Twins :: Exoskeleton Video | Sound :: Drops | I AM A LASER :: Electronic Music Blog | I AM A LASER :: Electronic Music Blog (oktober 15, 2010 om 12:08 am)

[...] Got an awesome email in our submissions box the other day. As you may or may not know I am a huge Die Antwoord fan (Hid backstage for four hours at Coachella to catch their first ever US show. What!). Before Ninja and Yo-Landi were the answer they were Maxnormal.tv and happened to collaborate on a week long project in Belgium with a pair named Busy Beetle & Lazy Larva back in 2008. The songs were never released, but the whole week was Documented with photos and videos. [...]


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